Liverpool Phoenix TT (2) - Respice Photography

Hannah is my 12 year old daughter, who wanted to come along and try her hand at photography.

All the images in this folder have been taken by her using a Dslr camera, with a little post processing assistance. 

For her first event I was amazed with how quickly she took to it and surprised by the results she achieved. Id just like to thank to all those riders who gave her an encouraging wave, smile and occasional tongue pull which really made her feel at ease.

Any comments for Hannah, most welcome.......

  • Alan Llewellin

    on June 7, 2016

    Hannah Nice photos you have managed to keep them in frame and sharp my only suggestion would be to slow your shutter speed down around 100-150 and try panning (it takes a bit of practice)that way you will get movement in the photos and lose stationary look with the wheels etc. please don't take this as criticism they are good photos keep it up.

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